Better Late…

If you have visited our website in the last, well, two years or so, you may have clicked the “blog” link. As the page loaded you were surely overcome with excitement at the prospects of book reviews and other such book-related content. Then, as the wonders of the World Wide Web materialized onto your monitor, disappointment reigned. There was no content! Only the promise of some to come.


Well friends, that long overdue promise is about to be fulfilled. Start approximately now-ish, we will begin posting those book reviews and other book-related content. We may not have regimented posting dates initially (we’re still working out the kinks), but rest assured, they will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, if you have any topics you’d be particularly interested in reading about, leave a comment with your suggestions here or on our Facebook page. And also check us out on Instagram.

May the Words Be With You!


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